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Custom Egg Printing
  Custom eggs! Eggs?!? YES! We will soon be able to put your design, company logo, pictures, right on an egg. Hard boiled or raw, full or empty. Dont want to take a chance of an egg getting broken? How about ping pong balls, golf balls, oranges, grapefruits? YES! In most cases if it's round we can print on it..! what? lightbulbs? yes, lightbulbs are a cool and unique medium to print on, and make a great gift idea for that person that has everything.
Shopping Bags

  Custom Bags! "Green Bags" as they are known. Those reusable shopping bags are a great idea to do your part to save the planet...if that kind of thing is important to you. Got a business? These are a great give away item or a great extra source of income. Having an event? Put everyones swag in these bags, and they will never forget it.